Independent Financial Advisor & Tax Coach

Today’s economic climate demands risk management, sophisticated execution strategies, and multiple sources of potential investment income. John Pollock Financial is an independent Detroit financial advisor, and tax advisor & coach. We work with clients to grow their investments, manage wealth, mitigate risk and taxes… guided through a balanced strategic plan.

  • Independence
  • Balance
  • Real Diversification
  • Strategic Tax and Financial Planning

Planning, Preparing & Strategically Advising

How clearly do you see your financial future?
Do you know what your money is doing for you, and where it is invested?
Would you like more illumination, more transparency?

I am a successful entrepreneur & investor who got fed up with the traditional approach that Wall Street has used for decades to hire 100% commission-driven sales people to become “advisors.”

I got fed up with the fee structures and years of little to no return. I studied everything I could which furthered my success, to the point where I decided to show others I had found a better way, and in 2002, formed John Pollock Financial.

I became a Certified Wealth Strategist, a Certified Tax Coach and a Matson Money Manager. I acquired the first accounting firm in 2007 and just completed the second acquisition of another accounting firm in 2011. At John Pollock Financial, we provide a truly comprehensive analysis of your investments and taxes with recommendations from experts, not sales people.

We are independent Detroit financial advisors, independent CPA’s we hand pick to partner with, and tax advisor professionals that do not have a quota driven by a wall street bank. We have worked with hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs.

Most accountants and Detroit CPA Firms do a fine job recording your history, but they are not proactively planning your taxes towards future objectives. As a Certified Tax Coach in Detroit, I help individuals, couples, corporate entities, partnerships, with estate planning, home improvement and mitigating taxes.

Our clients make more money and pay less tax by taking advantage of the law. But it takes more than just learning about the hundreds of loopholes available to start paying less tax. You also need to structure these ideas into a plan of action. You need a team of professionals you can trust to give you the best tax advice and develop your proactive tax strategy.

You should approach retirement with a strategy designed to help you reduce your taxes AND invest tax-efficiently.

You need a Detroit news on the same team guiding you through tax implications of different investment choices. We would like to be that team of advisors for you, please feel free to contact me today to schedule a brief introduction.